“Distractions” to worship?

15 02 2010

Reading this blog from Bob Kauflin on worship leading – http://www.worshipmatters.com/2010/02/04/open-the-eyes-of-my-face-lord/ – got me thinking about some recent conversations I’ve had with muso’s, and especially leaders, who struggle to worship in song because they’re constantly distracted by trying to sort out ‘on the job’ issues…the bass player that has gone to the verse rather than the chorus, or the wrong lyrics up on the screen, or issues with the mix…the list goes on!

As Bob says, we sometimes shut our eyes to “to shut out distractions. We want to focus completely on the words we’re singing.” And while its a good thing to aim to authentically engage with God through the words we’re singing and to not give him lip service, I wonder whether we’re short selling the breadth of what worshipping God entails. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the understanding that worship is 24/7 – every aspect of our life offered to God. But sometimes I think we put this understanding on pause when the music starts and we feel like the only authentic way to worship God at that time is by being totally lost in singing to him.

I wonder it would help us to remember that the concepts of service and worship are intrinsically linked in the Bible (often the words used can be translated either way). If we view things from this perspective, then surely my service to the congregation by being “distracted” by getting the music right (so they aren’t distracted!), or ensuring the correct lyrics are up, or making sure the mix is clear and helpful – surely these are pleasing acts of worship to God and service to his people, even if they draw me away from engaging with Him through the words and music.

What do you think? Is this an issue you struggle with? And how do you go on your week off – do you struggle with not being able to ‘switch off’ these thoughts even when you’re not rostered on for that week?




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